Accommodations for Disabilities

Federal and state laws require employers to reasonably accommodate employees or applicants for employment who are disabled under the law. These anti-discrimination laws were enacted to ensure that employees with disabilities are granted full access to employment opportunities and are granted necessary accommodations, and that disabled individuals enjoy the same benefits and privileges of employment that are afforded to non-disabled employees. For example, the law may require that an employer allow a flexible work schedule, telework, install a ramp for an employee who is restricted to a wheel chair, provide equipment or interpretation for an employee who cannot hear, install computer software for an employee who is visually impaired, or modify a work schedule so an employee can visit her doctor. By requiring employers to provide accommodation, our laws enable persons with disabilities to have equal access to the workplace.

An employer who fails to provide a reasonable accommodation to such an employee violates the law, unless providing accommodation would be extremely costly or unduly burdensome to the employer.

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The lawyers at Correia & Puth, PLLC are committed to ensuring that all employees with disabilities have equal access to the workplace and will zealously advocate on behalf of employees who are denied the rights they are due under the law. Our attorneys have worked closely with employee who are confronting difficulties obtaining accommodations for their disabilities. We have helped employees to negotiate with employers to obtain the appropriate accommodations. We have also filed complaints in court, and with the appropriate administrative bodies, when an employer unlawfully refuses to make reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee. We also represent employees who have been terminated or otherwise retaliated against because they sought reasonable accommodations for their disabilities.

“The lawyers at Correia & Puth believe that all persons with disabilities are entitled to dignity and respect in the workplace and fight to ensure that they have the accommodations needed to succeed.”

Federal, state, and some local laws impose a duty on employers to reasonably accommodate workers. If you are a qualified individual with a disability and you have been denied a reasonable accommodation, your employer may be in violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act, or state laws such as the D.C. Human Rights Act, the Maryland Human Rights Act, and the Human Rights Acts of several metro area counties. Additionally, under Maryland state law, if you are a pregnant worker who suffers from a temporary disability that is caused or contributed to by your pregnancy, and you are denied a reasonable accommodation, your employer may be in violation of Maryland State Government Article §20-609(d).

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Employers who violate these statutes are required to compensate employees for lost wages and other damages that result from the denial of accommodation. If you believe your employer has failed to accommodate your disability or retaliated against you because of your requests, please call the attorneys at Correia & Puth at 202-602-6500 or contact us today.

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