Former Employee Files Discrimination Complaint Against Laura Ingraham and LifeZette

(Washington, D.C.) – Former executive assistant to Laura Ingraham, Karolina Wilson, filed a complaint today in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia alleging discrimination and retaliation against Ingraham and her company, Ingraham Media Group, known as LifeZette. Ingraham and LifeZette fired Ms. Wilson within one day of her return from pregnancy-related leave, treated her adversely after learning of her pregnancy, prohibited her from taking more than three weeks of full maternity leave, terminated her health insurance coverage while she was on leave without informing her of the change, and failed to provide her a place to express breast milk when she returned. Due to discrimination and retaliation, Ms. Wilson lost her income and health insurance at the exact moment she needed it most, depriving her of health insurance within a month of her first-born child and her family’s primary income within three months of adding a new member. Ms. Wilson asserts Ingraham and LifeZette’s actions violate the District of Columbia Human Rights Act, the D.C. Family and Medical Leave Act, and the D.C. Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act of 2014.

Wilson’s attorney, Linda M. Correia said about filing the complaint, “No pregnant woman should have to choose between her family and her economic security. Karolina Wilson asserts that when she told her employer she was pregnant, everything changed and she was ultimately shown the door. Pregnant women and new mothers deserve fair treatment on the job and to be able to celebrate a new baby without fear of discrimination.”

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