Correia & Puth believes employees are entitled to full and fair compensation.
We fight to recover unpaid wages and benefits, and for fair and equitable severance agreements.

Unpaid Wages & Severance

Correia & Puth’s attorneys work to recover unpaid wages, bonuses, and commissions in negotiations with employers and in court. We represent individuals confronting separation from employment, including executives and individuals who have experienced unfair workplace treatment. We believe fair and equitable compensation for employees at all levels.

Corporate Accountability

Corporations must be held accountable for wrongdoing, and whistleblowers often keep employers honest.


Severance Agreements

Our practice of negotiating severance agreements is built upon years of experience working on behalf of employees at all levels.


Wage & Commission Claims

We fight employers who have wrongfully withheld salaries, commissions, and wages, and hold them accountable for what's unpaid.


An array of state and federal laws afford employees protection for payment of all compensation that is owed or promised for their work, including salaries, commissions, bonuses, and benefits, as well as minimum wage and overtime protections. Where compensation is not paid, many laws provide for recovery of penalties and multipliers, along with attorneys’ fees and costs. Correia & Puth attorneys are experienced in the recovery of full compensation for employees.

Correia & Puth represents executives and employees confronting separation from employment. We advise individuals concerning complex contractual provisions, assist employees who are negotiating their own severance, and engage in direct negotiation with employers over severance terms. Severance agreements may require considerable obligations on the employee, and typically require a legal release of claims in exchange for compensation and other benefits. In some circumstances employees may be able to secure provisions to help protect reputational and career interests.

It takes courage to fight back against those who discriminate.
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