Wage & Commission Claims

Federal and state laws protect employees to ensure they are paid all amounts earned for the work that has been performed. Our laws protect not only hourly-wage employees, but also all managers, executives, salespeople and other employees who are promised commissions, salaries, and wages, to ensure that they are paid all amounts they are due, on time, for all hours that worked. In many cases, our laws provide for the payment not only of unpaid wages, salaries and commissions, but also penalties that can pay a multiple of the unpaid wages. These laws also provide in many instances for payment of attorneys’ fees when employers have been proven to have unlawfully withheld pay.

Testimonial Background
We have the experience and commitment to fight employers who have wrongfully withheld salaries, commissions, and wages, and to hold employers accountable for all unpaid amounts.

The lawyers at Correia & Puth, PLLC have the experience and commitment to fight employers who have wrongfully withheld salaries, commissions, and wages, and to hold employers accountable for all unpaid amounts. Our attorneys have filed claims for recovery of unlawfully withheld pay and for payment of penalties and interest. We have filed complaints in court and otherwise successfully resolved claims for employees whose employers have unjustifiably withheld pay. We have also obtained from the employer the attorneys’ fees and costs required to recover those lost payments. We work as fierce advocates for all employees, from the hourly wage worker to highly compensated individuals, and we are motivated by our commitment to workplace fairness.

Correia & Puth works on behalf of employees at all levels, salespeople working on commission, and highly compensated employees, to recover unpaid salaries, commissions, and wages that have been unlawfully withhold.

Have You Been Denied Payment? You Have Rights!

Several state laws protect employees who have been denied payment of wages salaries and commissions. In Washington, DC and Maryland, state laws provide that employees who have been denied timely payment of wages, salaries and commissions can file claims in court that will entitle employees to payment not only of unpaid amounts, but in many cases penalties of three times (in Maryland) to four times (in the District of Columbia) of the amounts that the employer owes, along with the attorneys’ fees and costs that were expended to recover those payments. The attorneys at Correia & Puth, PLLC are driven by the motivation in the fair treatment of employees to ensure that employees can recover fair and just recovery of wages and commissions to the greatest extent available under the law.

Under federal law, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires that all workers be paid above a minimum wage. Under that law, many workers are entitled to payment of overtime wages at least 1.5 times the ordinary wage for time worked over 40 hours in a work week. Additionally, state laws require that individuals must be paid in a timely manner or their employers are subject to legal action. Where an employer fails to pay an employee the wages, salary, or commissions that were earned, he or she can bring a legal action to recover those wages, along with attorneys’ fees and other relief.

The lawyers at Correia & Puth have long advocated for the rights of employees who have been denied the pay that they have fairly earned.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act also protects employees who are misclassified as exempt from the law, or they may be misclassified as “independent contractors” when they should be entitled to the full benefits of regular employment. State wage and hour laws can provide a host of additional protections above and beyond those provided by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Correia & Puth Will Fight For Your Hard Earned Wages

If your employer has failed to pay the money you have earned, or if you believe that your employer is stealing wages from you by violating state or federal wage and hour laws or has violated those laws in the past, please contact Correia & Puth, PLLC. We will help you identify your rights and consider your options. We can guide you through the process of resolving the matter or filing claims in court. Please contact us today.

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